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The Kingdom of Ansteorra's Southern Region consists of

Bjornsborg, Barony of
San Antonio, TX

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Bordermarch, Barony of
Beaumont, TX

Bryn Gwlad, Barony of
Austin, TX

Fynnon Gath, Shire of
San Marcos, TX
Gates Edge
Gates Edge, Shire of
Houston, TX
Stronghold of Hellsgate
Hellsgate, Incipient Stronghold of
Fort Hood, TX
Loch Soilleir
Loch Solleir, Barony of
Clear Lake, TX

Raven's Fort, Barony of
Huntsville, TX
Seawinds, Shire of
Corpus Christi, TX

Shadowlands, Shire of
College Station, TX
Stargate, Barony of
Houston, TX

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